flowers and birds and flowers

You can run through wheat fields wearing this manicure and it’s like you caught some sprigs on your polish after.

3 coats of OPI Matched Luggage with real dried flowers I got from eBay a couple years back. It’s sort of my pre-valentine’s manicure – what’s more romantic than real flowers, amirite?

This manicure was inspired by Happy Nails, except that she used I Vant to be A-lone Star. I think I’ve overused that polish so I decided on Matched Luggage instead.

On a side note, my custom iPhone cover came in the mail today!! It’s by case-mate, and I ordered the tough case, which essentially means it’s a double layered cover. 1 layer of silicone (pictured above left), and a plastic customized hard case (pictured above right).

If the print looks familiar, it’s because you see it every time you visit my blog. It’s the same print as my panel header! I just love the print and am very happy with my purchase.

Totally matched my manicure. Flowers + birds + flowers!! I’ll let the rest of the pics do the talking:


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2 Responses to flowers and birds and flowers

  1. Oh, your version is beautiful!!!! I love your base colour, the mani looks so romantic ^_^

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