Pre-Birthday Splatter Nails

I’m pretty excited about this manicure – it’s the first time I’m doing splatter nails! I had sheets of paper and tissues at hand to get ready for the mess:

Above shows the aftermath of doing my left hand. Now for the right hand, it was messier after I got the hang of blowing nail polish all over to give that splatter effect.

Be sure to apply cuticle oil to your fingers for easy cleaning! As expected, I’m in love with blues and greens so naturally I went for it!

This was immediately post cleanup under my table lamp. Left hand.

Right hand – has more even splatter, while the left hand was a little blotchy.

Above 2 pictures is with indirect sunlight. Polishes used:

  • Base – OPI I Vant To Be A-lone Star
  • 1st layer splatter – Essie Fair Game
  • 2nd layer splatter – Sephora by OPI Read My Palm
  • 3rd layer splatter – Essie Shelter Island

I chose the sequence of colors by their opacity. Essie Fair Game is the most opaque out of the three and also the darkest, so it went first at the bottom of the layers. Followed by Read My Palm which is a creme mint green (that I absolutely LOVE) to give a splash of green to the blues and topped with Shelter Island, which is pretty sheer and lightens the splatter effect a bit.

The splatter effect on the right hand reminds me of a rainstorm. You see it?

And last but not least, the sunlight shots. Since the base color (lone star) has shimmer in it, as well as Fair Game, it really stands out in direct sunlight. Lone star even peeks out through the other 2 creme colors. Not bad a combo for my first try! I initially wanted to use Milani HD (silver holo) as a base but it looked weird when I sampled it on 1 finger so I used a complementing base instead.

Don’t think I’ve ever swatched my right hand before – first time on my blog because I actually prefer the print on my right nails than my left. But it’s awkward for me to take pictures of my right hand cos my right thumb is stiffer (i.e. less flexible) than my left, and it’s harder to position my fingers the way I usually do with my left hand.

Anyway! I’m looking at other colour combos now. Maybe I’ll do a green one.

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