twenty three

My 23rd has been the best birthday ever! Well, a list of things to be thankful for:

  1. I finally got my long awaited tattoo cos I’d been a wimp about it before
  2. I got reacquainted/reunited with 2 estranged friends whom I hadn’t spoken to in years (yay for reminiscing and making new memories!)
  3. I’m going to Gaga’s concert in May! OMG CAN NOT GET OVER IT.
  4. Graduation in 2 months!

Ok back to blogging! Initially I wanted to go for bright colors against a neutral background so I thought of having bright pink and orange splatter over grey. Then I looked at my stash and thought to just go for orange! Been some time since I used a ChG polish anyways

This was taken in the morning light. I realize that my nails look best when I just wake up – it has something to do with how our bodies’ restorative functions perform the best during sleep/rest. I’m not a biology student or anything, but I believe that.

Base is 2 coats of Essie Chinchilly, 1st layer is OPI Atomic Orange, 2nd layer is ChG Peachy Keen. All of them are opaque colors so this manicure appears harsher than the first one I did!

Also with the same indirect sunlight. I was going for a retro 60’s look with the orange + grey, but Atomic Orange was way too bright for that, now it looks more like a volcanic scene.

And in direct sunlight. Grey = ashy skies, Bright orange = lava, Peach = molten lava, you know the kind that glows? Yeah, this was a look which went in another direction.

My right hand says “Hi.”.

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