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An Ode to Paddle Pop

“Paddle Pop, YAY! Paddle Pop, WOO! It’s Super Duper Yummy!” This old school jingle reminds me of a simpler time, when ice cream cost only 60 cents. Or as my father would proclaim during his time, ONLY 10 cents! I was … Continue reading

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First Try: Tribal Design!

I was just browsing through Tumblr blogs and was kind of jealous at how some girls can create straight, thick, precise lines in nail art because I’ve personally tried nail art brushes and I always get thick goops of polish … Continue reading

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Gloomy Grays and Happy Corals

This is a happy/sad manicure, which perfectly describes my current mood. I’m kind of despondent cos of all the stress from school, but kind of grateful for it cos I’m graduating soon 🙂 The gray dots contaminate my happy space … Continue reading

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Dirt in the Rain

My nails are growing to a length that I’m starting to get uncomfortable with so I’m trimming them off soon! I have a duo-colored manicure today, of taupe colors. Kind of looks like dirt in the rain. If you see … Continue reading

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Yes, this is definitely my most sombre manicure. Following the pattern of splatter nails the past couple weeks, I was inspired by one of my most fave albums ever – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance. This … Continue reading

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