Yes, this is definitely my most sombre manicure. Following the pattern of splatter nails the past couple weeks, I was inspired by one of my most fave albums ever – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance.

This was before they went mainstream with The Black Parade but I hope they’ll go back to churning out awesome rock music again *fingers crossed* I listened to this band 24/7 when I was a teenager. Good times.

This is a simple combination, looks like blood splattered on my nails. Black is Essie Licorice, white is OPI Alpine Snow, red is Essie Red Nouveau. The red looks even brighter over splotches of white! Check out the index finger. Taken under my table lamp, warm lighting.

Under cool lighting. Went to their concert in 2007 and it was AMAZING you guys.

I showed it to my mom and she was like “Oh, it looks like the pattern of an empress dowager’s robe.” like this:

I was like “Mom, you watch too many chinese period dramas.”

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2 Responses to Grim.

  1. Aleksia says:

    This looks awesome. Is there any tutorial you have on how to do it?

    • Aleksia says:

      Nevermind about the tutorial, as I see you used the splatter nails technique, which I have now seen a couple methods on how to do. Sorry for the bit of ignorance, it is new to me! But this does look very awesome.

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