Dirt in the Rain

My nails are growing to a length that I’m starting to get uncomfortable with so I’m trimming them off soon! I have a duo-colored manicure today, of taupe colors. Kind of looks like dirt in the rain.

If you see a little green in the mani, it’s the reflection of my bedroom window 🙂 This is in the morning light.

Base is 2 coats of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! and the lighter taupe is Milani Bare to Wear. With indirect sunlight, it sort of looks like wet mud.

Through experimenting, I’ve realized that thinner polishes are easier to work with for splatter manicures. Thicker ones do not give an even splatter effect and you’ll often get huge blotches of colors as a result.

I received so many compliments from this look in school today! 🙂


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