First Try: Tribal Design!

I was just browsing through Tumblr blogs and was kind of jealous at how some girls can create straight, thick, precise lines in nail art because I’ve personally tried nail art brushes and I always get thick goops of polish ruining the whole look.

Then I had an epiphany that these girls may just be using black markers and not black polish?

So I tried it:

Okay granted, I should have waited till the ink dried to apply the top coat, but it turned out pretty good! Looks nice from afar 🙂 I would suggest to use a Konad top coat that doesn’t drag polish too.

Yellow is 2 coats of Zoya Creamy, an undoubtedly sunny yellow that is not neon, but just a really bright and cheery color. Pink is Zoya Layla, a near neon color that dried semi-matte and is a pretty cool toned color. I’ll always lean towards cool tones.

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2 Responses to First Try: Tribal Design!

  1. ladeekim says:

    This is cool! 😀 I did this on someone before but I doubt I’ll have the patience to do it for myself. Try using acrylic paint. I do most of my nail art using acrylic paint. There is no bleeding when you apply the topcoat and you can play around with the consistency of the paint. HTHs!

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