sapphire in the snow

And I’m back.

April has been emotionally draining for me, but as with everything that happens in life, it goes on. Today’s post is dedicated to my grandma.

A sapphire in the snow, she was.

Base is OPI Sapphire in the Snow, splattered with OPI Alpine Snow, and loose pieces of holographic bar glitter sprinkled on the white, to make it sparkle like glistening snow.

Taken under my table lamp, Sapphire in the Snow is a dark blue-purple (i.e. blurple), and is one of the nicest blurples I own. It’s also been discontinued – I remember because I had to pay a little more when I bought it a couple years ago. It dries to a smooth creme finish, and looks like a dark purple from afar.

It’s been raining hard and often so I wasn’t able to do any sunlight shots. I wonder if the effect would’ve been better if I’d used white as the base and sapphire in the snow as the splatter instead?

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