rough shots, spectacular show

If Lady Gaga came to Singapore and I didn’t go see her show, I wouldn’t call myself a fan. According to my iTunes, I’ve played ‘Paparazzi’ well over 150 times, among other of her songs. My current favorite is ‘Hair’, and I went CRAZY when she sang it, I was totally into it and I’m SO glad I went to the show with 2 of my closest and oldest friends.

A first of many firsts, here’s a shot of my friend’s nails – weird cos it was something that I wanted to do too, to have GAGA on my nails. We think alike a lot, I love her!

I forgot to ask, but I could tell the base color was a shimmery purple, with blue studded crystals and a red studded heart on the thumb. She always has something fun on her nails!

And what did I do? Well at first I wanted to do a glow-in-the-dark manicure, but I wanted something blood red. It worked for the best since my other friend brought glow sticks! Considering I’ve never blogged about this color before, I went for it! Above is a sloppy shot of 2 fresh coats of OPI Monsooner or Later, a bright cherry tomato red. I love these reds, I feel sexy and empowered in them. Of course, I had to bling it up!

I patted loose bar glitter on my nails when the polish dried, and applied a thick coat of SV after. It’s super blingy, and I got many compliments about my nails, even from strangers at the concert! Although I wouldn’t really label them as strangers since we all love Gaga!

At the back is a pair of novelty Gaga shades my friend brought along – although you can’t see much wearing them lol. I had so much fun!

Here’s a shot of the stage before the concert started. Some DJ played fantastic club music for about an hour-ish until Gaga finally arrived in her castle, i.e. the Kingdom of Fame. She is SO theatrical, I loved the extravagance and the pains taken into pulling off such an awesome show!

I know it sucks, it was the best my iPhone could manage, but there’s the 4 storey castle! It was the best night ever! I danced till my body was aching all over the morning after, but I felt amazing. I loved singing to her, I love you LADY GAGA!

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