Favourite Shade of Grey

Every girl friend I know has read 50 Shades of Grey so this is my interpretation of the umm, titillating trilogy, to say the least!

And I know I know, I’ve been away for a long time, I’m still well and alive – I’ve spent my absence on other personal interests and taking care of some copyright issues pertaining to the unauthorized use of my images on the web.

Anyway, serious stuff aside, I don’t know how I’ve never thought of this combination before – a light neutral grey with a sparkly coat of holo that has the same color base! Above shows 1 coat of Orly Mirror Mirror and 1 coat of OPI DS Coronation, taken under my table lamp.

Orly MM has been the most used polish in my collection – I’m seriously considering buying another bottle. Speaking of which, I’m not sure if it’s an achievement of restraint or a failure as a nail polish girl, that I haven’t bought ANY new polish since my last post! I just decided that my blog isn’t going to be a plain ol’ nail swatch blog, it’s going to be a nail art and polish combos kind of blog 🙂

Disclaimer: Unless of course, I chance upon an awesome creme polish that would speak for itself, or a polish chock-full of glitter and flakey bits that it really doesn’t need anything else!!

Right – back to the Grey manicure! I think grey is a nice shade – it’s neutral so it matches basically any color, it’s muted so it doesn’t take attention away from other colors you have on, and its an understated color that can go from casual to chic. I didn’t want to coat on too much holo to hide the Grey base, I think these two polishes complement each other really well!

The picture above was taken with flash, and I have shiny cuticles from the jojoba oil I rubbed on. OPI DS Coronation is a sparse kind of holo polish, not a linear holo as shown in the previous post. I like all kinds of holo polishes so it doesn’t matter, I can stare at my nails all day – especially in the sun! They’re glorious in the sunlight.

And I’m sure the nail polish universe would attest to this – the blurrier the shot, the sparklier the holo manicure is. Yeah, like you didn’t know that!

I also thought I’d throw in another manicure I did a long time ago, back when I was still in college. It’s a coral-orange gradient manicure, and I used the sponged method I’d talked about in previous posts.

I was hesitant on posting these shots since they were taken on a bus and my hands were moving all the time, but I did good huh? If you didn’t know the difference between the colors Coral and Orange, this picture shows it.

For the base of the nail I used Color Club Coral Cascade, and at the tips I used OPI In My Back Pocket. My nails were pretty short when I did it so the gradient is more obvious, but I like the way the color graduated (Ha, pun) from coral to orange, especially on my thumb nail – the color change looks soft and natural.

I was also thinking of doing a black to nude gradient but I would have to practice more for that!

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