Reflection Pool

Now that I’m back to blogging, I’m back with fresh ideas! I’m still in the ‘gradient nails’ phase though, and last night I realized that I haven’t done a glitter on glitter gradient yet so this is me OD-ing on old OPI glitters, taken under my table lamp:

It looks like a glittery whirlpool, ergo the name Reflection Pool – a mix of OPI Spark de Triomphe and Simmer & Shimmer. Yes, that Simmer & Shimmer from OPI’s 2010 Christmas collection!

And I think I’ve under-utilized my camera flash, because glitters really do look better with flash! With the exception of my middle finger, I used S&S as the base glitter and dabbed SdT on the tips.

Blurry, Blingy, Glitter shot. With flash!

And I just had to take a picture with this glitter sheet I got from Paper Market! It’s a good store to raid when you’re feeling artsy and crafty.

Look at the glitter trays!!! Thanks to Sophia for the shot! I wish I could have all these rainbow glitters on my nails at the same time. Sighs.

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