Earth? Is that you?

This is another one of those manicures where the results aren’t what I had originally intended so I just go with it! Using the ‘water color’ method – which is basically blending polishes on the nail with acetone – I wanted to mix some blues and greens together.

Taken under my table lamp without flash, it sort of looks like a glitzy satellite image of earth from space! I can make out rough continents and plateaus, boundless seas, and of course, stars in the atmosphere. If you don’t see it yet, scroll down for the flash version!

Above shows the manicure with flash and lighting from my table lamp. The components were:

  • Base: OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
  • Teal-ish Shimmer: OPI Yodel Me On My Cell
  • Green Glitter: Zoya Ivanka
  • Lime Holo: Milani Hi-Tech

And this was in dim lighting with flash – it seems brighter this way, you can even make out the subtle shimmer in Yoga-ta Get This Blue! I really really like this picture ❤ 

We don’t have to see things too clearly all the time – blurry shots like this evoke intrigue and curiosity, and one really can appreciate the manicure in its entirety instead of focusing on the micro details down to each speck of glitter. I appreciate both types of images!

What’s next?

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