Zig Chic

I love Revlon – I love their lipsticks and eyeshadows, and I kinda like their nail polishes, although I only have a handful of them. Their colors don’t excite me that much, but the other day when I saw the new(ish) line of colors, I had to grab Revlon Chic, a dark(ish) grey-blue.

I decided that I hadn’t done a konadicure in a long time so here you go! Taken under my table lamp without flash, I used white Konad polish for stamping, together with Chez Delaney’s Image Plate H26.

This was with flash, which honestly doesn’t look as fancy as a glitter manicure would. Meh.

And I have to admit, although I love her designs, the plates seem to be shallower than the actual Konad plates, which means that you catch less polish on your stamper and it comes out blotchy like pictured. It would be less obvious if the polishes I used were complementary and not in stark contrast like Chic and white.

I didn’t use a topcoat for this one, because Konad polishes take forever to dry and I didn’t want to risk polish drag even with Seche Vite!

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