Peppered Mint

A nice play on the word peppermint (ha), considering we’re nearing the holiday season – this manicure is totally fun and apt for it! I just bought several bottles of nail polish and these two colours stood out the most, since I’m biased to greens.

First up is OPI Thanks a Windmillion from the Holland Collection (and I only JUST bought it – I know.) that flatters my skin tone better than Mermaid’s tears because it has more grey in it and isn’t as stark. Consider it a chic-er mint. Below shows 2 smooth coats with normal indoor lighting:

Again, in flash – both pictures are without a topcoat. Look at how smooth and shiny the polish dries! I didn’t have problems applying Windmillion, unlike its thick and gunky colour cousin.

Oh yeah, and I love this combination:

Above shows Thanks a Windmillion as the base, with Essie Stylenomics dots! You can’t really see it in this picture, but Stylenomics is a dark, deep green with a hint of grey & blue in it. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on the polish. Had to have it.

And oh, what’s this? A reversible mani? Ha, no those do not exist yet… although I’m thinking it can happen similarly to polishes that change colour in lower temperatures. Stylenomics appears almost a deep blue in this picture (with flash even!) but trust me, it’s a GREEN. It also looks green from an arm’s length and stays true to its colour, unlike many dark/vampy polishes that appear blackish till closer inspection.

In the sun, Stylenomics is glorious. Why no sunlight pic you ask? It’s been raining almost everyday during the afternoons when the sun is brightest. So it’s dampening my picture-taking a bit, but this green? It’s a keeper FO SHO! (read: for sure.)

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