Pray Tell, How Like You This?

I secretly like poetry, and the name of this polish reminded me of They Flee From Me by Sir Thomas Wyatt, a poet from the 1500’s. There are many contexts in which this poem can be understood, but to me the poem has a very predatory tone. Apt, isn’t it?

China Glaze’s Prey Tell is from its Summer 2012 Safari Collection. I was craving for a really vampy color, and this polish is vamp to the max!

prey tell 2

PT is a dark shade of bordeaux, and dries to a smooth and glossy finish. It’s a very viscous polish so you have to be careful not to get too much polish on the brush! I had to redo my index finger because the polish trickled to the side of my nail. Above shows 2 thickish coats of PT under my table lamp with flash!

prey tell 3

And this is with indoor lighting and flash. You can’t see the sheen – it’s too dark for you to notice the reflections around it – it’s dark, it’s badass, and it just screams femme fatale.

prey tell 4

I was totally feeling this polish and I wore it for an entire week! With the Seche Vite top coat, it lasted very well with no chips, only tip wear. And be careful girls (and boys), this polish stains like a b*tch!

prey tell 1Also, if you thought my nail shape looks a little different, it’s because I’m trying something called the Lana Del Ray Nails Project – I just came up with that name lol, I’ve been hung up on her new songs and they all have a very dreamy, surreal, and somewhat otherworldly quality to it. My favourite song so far is Gods And Monsters – trust me, it’s good.

As I was saying, the Lana Del Ray Nails Project – obviously inspired by its namesake – is basically me growing out, maintaining, and filing my nails so the tips are round and a bit pointy, instead of squarish like my nails usually are. It’s a bit challenging because I’ve never really grown out my nails that long but there are are perks to it – I can relieve an itch really easily with long nails!!

What you see above is just my nails in the initial stage and Lana’s nails are like:


Credits to

I wonder if those nails are real or fake plastic nails? If I get a chipped or broken nail halfway through the project, I am just going to cry in a corner.

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