Caught Between A Beige And A Taupe Place

I was convinced I already had a polish similar to this, but when I saw it in person, I put it in my shopping basket immediately and never regretted it. Because look how pretty!!!

berlin there done that 1

OPI’s Berlin There Done That from OPI’s Germany Collection is a color that’s darker than Tickle My France-y and lighter than You Don’t Know Jacques! If you mixed the two polishes, you’d probably get a franken very close to BTDT. Colors like these (beige/taupe) are really flattering and fit almost all skin tones – it’s chic, understated, and versatile!

Above picture shows 2 coats of BTDT with 1 coat of Seche Vite. The polish went on very smoothly (as one would expect of an OPI creme polish) and I kept staring at my nails ❤

berlin there done that 2

BTDT is a color that’s pretty hard to describe – let’s just say it’s a cross between greige (grey + beige) and taupe, with purple tones. If you don’t see the purple in this, don’t you worry, the flash will bring it out!

berlin there done that 3With flash, it looks like a dustier version of Parlez-vous OPI? The purple tones are obvious in this picture, but not so much IRL. The pictures without flash are more true to life in terms of polish color.

berlin there done that 4So how am I doing on the Lana Del Rey Nails Project? I haven’t had a chip or a broken nail yet, I’ve been using OPI Envy to keep them strong and protected, and I need to file the tips a bit rounder. With this nail shape it’s pretty fun to choose nail colors because it almost always turns out to be vampy. Red would be too obvious, maybe I’ll do a deep dark green.

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