80648 – Otherwise Known As Champagne Kisses

Here’s the cousin of ChG Glistening Snow! A gold glitter polish with strong rose gold hues that make it a similar to a nude glitter.

champagne kisses 1

It’s equally dense as GS but sadly it’s not a holographic polish, just as I’d expected. Above shows 2 nice and smooth coats of ChG Champagne Kisses, with a very fresh coat of Seche Vite – ergo the sheen on my index finger! ❤ Taken with bright daylight.

champagne kisses 2

In hindsight, this manicure would’ve looked better with a french tip, maybe in black or white. And no broken tips or chipped nails yet! Day by day I’m making some headway in the Lana Del Ray Nails Project, but there are certain things that I can’t do for risk of bending or breaking my nails – like opening soda cans! Lol

champagne kisses 3

And this is with flash! You can see that the polish is made up of gold and rose gold micro glitter – it’s more obvious on my pinky.

I don’t really know how I feel about this polish. I mean, I was more excited about GS because it was holographic and it was so pretty but CK I guess is more understated so it may be good for outfits where you don’t want the nails to outshine your clothes, and yes, that can happen.

champagne kisses 4With really strong flash, I’m not as impressed with this polish as GS. CK would definitely look better on darker skin tones. This would also be a good polish for frankening and/or making water color manicures!

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