Zalora I Adore Ya

If you’re a Singaporean (Hi!), you must’ve heard of by now! Their advertisements are all over the internet and on TV as well – did anybody see the Blair Witch Project-y advertisement?

That was really funny and I thought it highlighted the convenience of shopping at – it’s like this mega online store that sells practically everything we girls need, from clothes to accessories to beauty products! And since I’m going to become an aunt in March, I might as well add that they have a kids section too! And menswear. (See, I really wasn’t kidding when I said they have literally everything.)

However since this is a nail polish blog, I really just want to talk about their selection of nail products. They have the familiar nail polish brands we all know and love – OPI, China Glaze, and Essie! I figured to dig out some old swatches to show you what you can find at Zalora’s Nail section:

strawberry margherita 2

OPI Strawberry Margherita

opi gargantuan green grape 2

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

Click the pictures for a link to the product pages!

Now, what excited me most about their Nails section is that they have other brands that I’ve never heard of – namely Blaze, Nail Rock, and Vivi Nail. The two latter brands sell nail wraps/stickers!! The design I am definitely going to try is the Chevron printed ones from Nail Rock, because one really can’t go wrong with Chevron stripes – they look good on pants, dresses, shoes, and nails! (But don’t wear them all together)

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 12.21.24 AM

The good thing about nail wraps/stickers is that it’s super convenient and you don’t have to do the designs manually, it’s just paste and go! We all get lazy sometimes so this is a nice switch up from a regular polish manicure. Also, Zalora must be in the spirit of gift giving come this festive season, because they’re offering a 15% discount code exclusive to me and you! 😀

Just enter zaloraluvin in the Coupon Code box, hit ‘Use’, and voila – 15% off your order! Do note that the code is valid till 31st December 2012 and it can’t be used with any Sale or Promo items.

Christmas is coming very, very soon so you may want to get something for yourself and your friends 🙂 You know what I’m getting!! *Points above* Head down to Zalora Singapore and make full use of the coupon on us! (i.e. Zalora and I <3)

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with

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