Tickle My France-y: Revisited

Okay, so my previous swatches of said polish sucked (Here and here). Nobody had to say it, I knew they didn’t look as good as how I saw it IRL, and I don’t think it was very convincing when I claimed that TMF is like, one of the top nudes out there. So here’s a 3rd take on the polish:

tickle my francey 2 1


And I know I know, the past 3 posts have been all beige/taupe colors – I’m in that phase right now because long nails look nice with light/flesh tone colors, while short nails look chic-er with darker colors IMHO. (read: in my honest/humble opinion)

tickle my francey 2 2

Oh yeah! The polish from OPI’s La Collection De France (2008), and finally some pictures to do it justice. My good ol’ TMF was still working good even though it’s a couple years old 🙂 Just a good shake and the metal balls in the bottle would smooth the polish right out!

The above pictures show 3 thin coats of TMF with 1 thick coat of Seche Vite with daylight.

tickle my francey 2 3

And this is with flash indoors, where the greige (grey + beige) tones come out. TMF is what you get when you mix cream with taupe in the ratio of 3:1.

tickle my francey 2 4If I haven’t said it yet or enough (I can’t remember, but probably the latter, yes.) I love polishes that dry smooth, even, and shiny. If I buy a creme colour from OPI or Essie, I know for sure that I don’t have to do much to get a manicure like this.

tickle my francey 2 5And so here ends my long-drawn-out internal battle between knowing and proving that TMF is awesome. You’re welcome, Internet! The Lana Del Rey Nails Project is still on!

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