Poetry in a Polish

I did some holiday shopping earlier this week and found Essence’s new Colour & Go collection! I was a bit too excited seeing all the new colors in their new packaging and I ended up getting 5 polishes, which wasn’t a big dent in my pocket to be honest, because the damage was only S$2.90 a bottle. (I KNOW.)

So the polish I’m featuring today is a very pretty and feminine lilac, called Ballerina’s Charm and it’s oh-so-charming.

ballerina's charm 1

Opaque in 2 coats, Essence improved their brush, instead of a flat tip brush, now it’s a curved brush similar to Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri series’ brushes. The brush curved to my cuticles very nicely and the manicure needed very little cleanup! The polish wasn’t too thick, wasn’t too viscous, and was just right. For S$2.90 a bottle, I am certainly very impressed. Above shows 2 coats under my table lamp!

ballerina's charm 2

And this is with daylight! This was taken on Day 2 so there’s a bit of tip wear – for this manicure, I used Poshe’s top coat! My Seche Vite got a bit gunky.

ballerina's charm 3With flash and just-applied cuticle oil from OPI’s Avoplex, you can see the silver shimmer in the polish, it is very subtle and adds another dimension of Pretty to the polish. I am just in love with this one! ❤

ballerina's charm 5And you know what I found really cute? Even the bottle cap has the same color and finishing as the polish itself!! I checked the other polishes I got and yup – it’s true! What a nice touch to the packaging – I love the little attention to detail!

ballerina's charm 4Speaking of which, I haven’t let down the Lana Del Rey Nails Project, although I ALMOST broke my ring nail the other day at the train station. I filed the tips a bit rounder and pointier, I think I’m almost there!

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2 Responses to Poetry in a Polish

  1. Sophia says:

    I can foresee that you are going to buy more colours from Essence!

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