B & T

The products that I use for a standard manicure will be shown on this page. As I explore more brands, I pick new favourites in the hope of finding the perfect combination of base & top coats for the longest lasting manicure.

                   emery.b picks; February 2011

BASE: Orly Bonder

Ah, Orly Bonder. I’ve heard a lot about this legendary base coat, and decided to give it a try with a sample bottle. This base coat makes my nails stain less, and it really holds polish well.

Its rubberized formula dries instantly – you can start putting polish on in 10 seconds. It also adds shine to your nails if you don’t want to put a colour on, gives off a nice sheen. The bad? It gets goopy when you’re almost finishing the bottle.

TOP: Posche

Why I use Poshe now instead of Seche is simply because it’s less of a hassle, with maybe 90% of Seche’s quality. It’s a good deal for me, I hate the smell of Seche Vite and it always goes thick before I’m even halfway through the bottle.

With Poshe, the consistency stays until I’m at least almost finished with the bottle.  It’s cheaper too, which is also a plus. Although it can’t make bubbles vanish (which is why I think it performs at 90% of Seche Vite), it gives the same kind of shine to your nails.

emery.b picks; July 2010

BASE: NUBAR Foundation Base Coat

Ever since my Nubars came in the mail last week, their base coat has replaced OPI’s Nail Envy for me! It says on the bottle that it’s a ‘sticky base coat’ so it adheres better to nail polish layers. I tested the base coat without any top coat with Essie polishes and they lasted 4 days (before I got bored with the colour) with minimal damage, just a little tip wear on the edges.

It applies smoothly – as smooth as Nubar Diamont – and dries quickly as well so you don’t have to wait too long before you apply your first polish layer. Better than Seche Clear, which I’ve already used half a bottle of.

TOP: Seche Vite

Oh, Seche. No other brand’s top coat dries as hard and smooth as yours. True, your tendency to get thick real fast bums me out but it’s only because you dry so quickly, no one can catch up with you. I understand. I will get a bottle of Seche Restore to even you out whenever you get a little gooey. Hugs ❤

This bottle of awesomeness fixes horrible manicures. How? When you have bubbles in your polish, apply one thick coat and Seche will remove them for you to a smooth finish. Whenever you’ve applied your nail polish unevenly, apply one thick coat and Seche levels it out. Some complain about cuticle drag, but I don’t have that problem. Maybe it’s the way the top coat is applied?


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