Gloomy Grays and Happy Corals

This is a happy/sad manicure, which perfectly describes my current mood. I’m kind of despondent cos of all the stress from school, but kind of grateful for it cos I’m graduating soon 🙂

The gray dots contaminate my happy space but it’s a realistic depiction of life because you know, it happens.

Taken in the bright morning light, the base color is 2 coats of Essie Carousel Coral with Orly Mirror Mirror dots. Essie CC is a girly pink coral that works fabulously with cool toned skin, and is definitely not a neon, which was what I was expecting when I bought it a couple years back.

And as for the dots, I must say that Orly MM is my most often used color for nail art and “frankening” polishes because it’s not too light nor too dark. It’s a very suitable and wearable gray for many skin tones, and I’m about half way through my 18ml bottle now! That’s a lot by the way considering I have > 300 polishes in my collection 😉

A friend thought that the gray was actually blue. I think the blue tones in Essie CC had something to do with that. I like looking at my nails from this angle. I’d call this a 4-finger shot from now on!

Ah, smooth, shiny, pretty, and cute. Looking at my nails is making me feel much better 🙂

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